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Accelerating Strategic and Tactical Decisions in Enterprise Space Battle Management Command and Control

For decades, U.S. space capabilities have afforded our warfighters and allies a significant strategic edge. These capabilities have evolved and become more integrated into the land, sea, and air domains of warfighting, vastly improving the U.S. projection of force around the globe. This strategic edge has not gone without notice: U.S. adversaries are increasingly taking advantage of emerging small satellite capabilities, reduced launch costs, and the evolution of weapons capable of targeting U.S. space assets to rapidly close this critical capability gap. The U.S. now finds itself at the inevitable point of treating space as a true warfighting domain that must be defended and preserved against enemy threats. The emergence of the “space warfighter” for active defense of our space capabilities has become the inevitable reality of the future.

With decades of experience in real-time satellite operations, mission planning, data analytics, and visualization tools, CACI develops ground-breaking space solutions, including tools for the space warfighter. Recently, our Ground Applications team has been working on a self-learning decision-support application called the Course of Action Preview Engine (CAPE). Space warfighting is largely clouded by the unknown, since active space conflict has few lessons learned to draw from when determining how an adversary will fight. What we do know is that tactical mission planners, space operators, and commanders must be able to rapidly model enemy behaviors in space against hard constraints and rules to play out the actions necessary to protect U.S. space assets and decide on the best course of action when no clear perfect decision is obvious.

The goal of the CAPE support tools is to recommend the optimal decision, by providing real-time situational awareness and protection options for decision-makers based on the data at hand. CAPE provides a user-intuitive, data-driven application that moves decision timelines to the left by developing multiple simultaneous course of action (COA) suggestions and presenting them to the operator to enable more effective decision making. As new data becomes available and actual events resulting from real-time decisions are recorded, the COA models continuously learn and update themselves to reflect the predicted outcome of the next COA, as the space order of battle is played out. With multiple, simultaneous COAs being modeled and updated in real-time, the operator and command decision-makers can predict enemy actions and determine responses for maximum desired effect and minimum regret in maintaining and projecting U.S. space power.

CACI’s CAPE development supports the U.S. Air Force Space Warfighting Construct and represents the latest push to bring CACI’s talent and expertise to bear in support of the U.S. warfighter and its allies.

For more information, please contact Ryan Fairchild, Vice President, Space Operations and Resiliency Ground Applications

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