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Trending at CACI - The Kaspersky Incident: How Smart Sensors Can Prevent Future Cybersecurity Disasters

The Kaspersky Incident: How Smart Sensors Can Prevent Future Cybersecurity Disasters

New York Times journalists Nicole Perlwath and Scott Shane expose the threats posed by modern commercial software in an article that reads like a modern-day John Grisham novel. Their story details how Russia appears to have penetrated U.S. >>Read More

Trending @ at CACI – Automated Test Equipment for Safe and Successful Flight Missions

Automated Test Equipment for Safe and Successful Flight Missions

All systems are go! That’s what military pilots want to hear as they enter an aircraft for their next flight, confirming that all their flight instruments, navigation equipment, and computers are functioning properly for their mission. >>Read More

Trending Topic – Platform Cyber Resiliency

Platform Cyber Resiliency: The Hackers Are Here - U.S. Military Platforms Are At Risk

Is the Department of Defense concerned about cyber attacks on our critical infrastructure and systems? You bet they are. This past summer a 25-year-old British hacker was found guilty of breaking into a U.S. military communications system and stealing data from 30,000 satellite phones, costing the Pentagon over $620,000 to repair. >>Read More

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Delivering a Modern, Audit-Ready Financial Solution

CACI provides full lifecycle support for the Defense Agencies Initiative (DAI) solution – an Oracle EBS financial management solution in use by over 40,000 DoD employees in 22 different defense agencies. >>Read More

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Dominating Electronic Warfare: Precisely

Today’s battlefield has been amplified by advancements in electronic warfare (EW). The proliferation of high-end electronics and the evolution of commercial technologies have given adversaries ranging from nation-states to non-state actors unprecedented capabilities. >>Read More

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Empowering the Nation for Critical Missions and Beyond

The U.S. boasts the most powerful military in the world. Our budget, manpower, and strength is the greatest across land, sea, air, and beyond. So what does it mean when Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson says, “The nation needs a more powerful Navy”? Or when Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Mark Milley says, “The United States, as a global power, has to have a wide variety of tools in its kitbag”? >>Read More

Reduction as a Service (Raas)

Next Gen Technology Solutions for Law Enforcement

When local, state, and federal agencies need to expedite case investigations in the pursuit of justice, they often run into a daunting challenge – extracting, organizing, and analyzing terabytes of data from a multitude of digital devices including computers, servers, and cell phones. This content, representing a wide range of documents, images, videos, emails, and web searches, can challenge even the most experienced group of investigators. >>Read More

Secure Mobility to the Tactical Edge

Secure Mobility to the Tactical Edge

Ever have a dropped call, bad wireless service, or no communication in a time of need? Imagine America’s soldiers in forward operating environments where information is sensitive and missions change in an instant – they need access to fast, reliable, and secure connectivity. >>Read More