Logistics and Material Readiness

Product Lifecycle Management

Our product lifecycle management (PLM) solution deploys an integrated set of capabilities to support the critical business processes involved in the lifecycle management of products, from requirements through design and sustainment.
At a high level, these capabilities include robust configuration management using authoritative product data and systems engineering techniques and analysis to determine optimal product support strategies at the lowest lifecycle cost. Through this closed-loop process, program managers have complete traceability of all design decisions throughout the lifecycle.

CACI’s integrated PLM capability can be applied to a range of customers and products. For example, we help the Department of Defense overcome challenges by:

  • Ensuring the readiness of weapon systems despite downward pressures on operating and support budgets
  • Making quicker, more informed decisions through data analytics, despite information inconsistencies
  • Increasing productivity in the workforce while ensuring efficient knowledge transfer
  • Delivering quality systems on time while managing myriad, complex regulatory, compliance, and test requirements

PLM Capabilities Highlights:

  • CACI optimizes operational availability by influencing design to minimize product support requirements. As an example, for our Navy customers, we design product support strategies to advance fleet management efficiency and trace budget decisions to program readiness and performance impacts.
  • We minimize acquisition cost by increasing testing efficiencies and delivery quality, along with informing and optimizing product management, through product system performance monitoring. We manage scope by supporting the traceability of requirements to components.
  • We help customers realize program efficiencies by reducing waste from multiple unstructured data sources, improving collaboration and visibility across programs, and implementing repeatable, standardized processes and modernization efforts.

CACI Maximizes Technical Excellence and Judiciousness by:

  • Leveraging predictive decision support and sustainment analytic capabilities to enhance maintenance, supply, and in-service engineering decision-making
  • Accessing in-time, applicable authoritative technical data to perform program support functions
  • Tracing budget decisions to impacts on operational readiness

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