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Logistics Operations/Enterprise Support Solutions and Services

Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of our customers’ needs, such as configuration management, material procurement, training, shipboard assessments, developing and correcting maintenance processes, and documenting material discrepancies. We provide an array of tools, processes, and IT support systems to manage the flow of equipment, services, and data efficiently and within budget.

Through data and systems integration, the fusion of information and transportation, and agile infrastructure, CACI introduces seamless and modular logistics support systems. We create and update maintenance strategies, plans, and procedures for in-service assets. For our Navy customers, we develop ship overhaul work package requirements, including development and/or review of work specifications and associated requirements.

We also support material condition assessment teams and document material deficiencies. We provide professional services in support of military supply, maintenance, and logistics military commands. This support saves cost through efficiencies in procurement and maintenance policies, and provides improved metrics to facilitate superiority in future decisions.

CACI has deep and proven expertise in the following logistics operations and enterprise support areas:

Engineering and Maintenance: CACI provides its customers with engineering logistics for all levels of maintenance, providing acquisition planning and support, engineering planning, lifecycle maintenance expertise, engineering technical research, and tools for rapid engineering assessments.

Effectively identifying and replacing worn parts stateside, prior to deployment, requires extensive maintenance and logistics expertise and improves cost-efficiency and mission effectiveness. Our engineers and maintenance personnel have extensive experience in evaluating equipment operability and identifying discrepancies. Our logistics support personnel have deep experience in material identification, sourcing, ordering, tracking, and expediting. We update configuration databases to reflect as-installed equipment, and are adept at workload forecasting and financial analysis.

Our maintenance support further consists of:

  • Condition-based and reliability-centered maintenance support
  • Material risk assessment for various systems and funding levels
  • LAN equipment technical support
  • Maintenance database integration, workload, and schedule management

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Training: Helping to prepare the next generation of military leaders, we administer on-site assistance and training to logistics and supply support personnel, as well as provide classroom training and implementation training to users of maintenance, logistics, IT, and supply systems. CACI training support that our customers rely on includes:

  • State-of-the-art training simulators, software, and custom applications
  • Economical team trainers and training integration
  • Global training support for LAN equipment
  • Classroom training, courseware development, and safety education
  • Supply, financial, and maintenance system training

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Analysis: CACI LMR professionals ensure customer success by focusing on identifying the root cause of problems and leveraging all available resources to identify effective solutions. We apply sophisticated problem analysis techniques to customers’ supply, logistics, and maintenance systems; perform supply, logistics, and maintenance database validation, reconciliation, and correction; solve scheduling/de-conflicting issues of shipboard maintenance events; and provide in-depth spare parts optimization analysis.

Professional Services: We currently offer professional services in support of Navy, Marine Corps, Military Sealift Command, and Coast Guard supply, maintenance, and logistics commands, including Type Commanders, Surface Maintenance Engineering Planning Program/Submarine Maintenance Engineering, Planning and Procurement, Carrier Planning Activity, Regional Maintenance Centers, and naval shipyards.

Warehousing and Distribution: Our wide array of industrial operations support for the Department of Defense (DoD) involves inventory management supporting comprehensive logistics services. CACI's warehousing and distribution operations range from storage, inventory management, and shipping to deployment logistics services in support of government customers throughout the world. The Military Sealift Command World Wide Logistics program is a prime example of our expertise in this area. Our offerings include:

  • Advanced material search capability within large storage facilities
  • Receipt, storage, issue, redistribution, shipment, and disposal of repair parts and materials
  • Property accountability through inventory control and tracking

Integrated Product Support: From configuration management and product development to end-of-life disposal, CACI provides the critical support needed to manage every aspect of logistics support for our government customers. CACI conducts analysis and provides integrated product support in the areas of:

  • Configuration management
  • Program office support
  • Certification process requirements
  • Mission support
  • Modeling and simulation

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Logistics Data Integration and Access: CACI helps our customers by providing worldwide web services and shared data environments via common operating environments. We provide real-time, end-to-end control of the deployment, distribution, and sustainment pipeline for products and services as well as enhanced asset visibility, control, and management decision support tools.

Logistics Program Management Support: CACI provides proven logistics program management support and adaptive solutions to complex logistics challenges faced by program offices by using advanced concepts and emerging technologies to tailor logistics support to the program office mission.

Readiness Systems: CACI provides software development to gather, analyze, and report readiness information and identify/guide improvements.

Through the integration of various DoD Authoritative Data Sources (ADS) in systems such as Maintenance Figure of Merit (MFOM), CACI provides the information required by senior leadership to make informed readiness decisions.

Additional Capabilities Include:

  • Logistics, supply, and maintenance policies and procedures, including the development of long-range logistics plans and headquarters-level logistics policy, as well as assisting customers with the staffing and negotiation of these plans and policies
  • Maintenance and logistics software applications and tools, and how they interact, including: Fleet-originated MFOM, Configuration Data Managers Database - Open Architecture, and Planned Maintenance System Management Information System
  • Supply software application and tools, and how they interact, including: Shipboard Uniform Automated Data Processing System, Organizational Maintenance Management System – Next Generation, and Force Inventory Management Analysis Reporting System
  • Logistics support for complex military operations
  • Logistics support of equipment operational testing
  • Multi-disciplinary subject matter experts, practiced in in-service functions for military logistics maintenance and operation areas, working to bridge gaps in operational readiness
  • Tools and approaches for blueprinting logistics solutions and repeatable processes to help customers navigate the federal marketspace
  • Expertise and skills aligned with the in-service, military service logistic disciplines
  • Implementation, operation, and management of end-to-end automated information technology, national and tactical sustainment systems, unique service commodities, and readiness tools
  • Supply management services, such as sourcing enablement, federal procurement, and supplier relationship management
  • Certifications in RCM Level I and Level II, CDMD-OA work file, program management (PMP and ISO)

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