Logistics and Material Readiness


CACI provides a full suite of logistics and material readiness solutions and professional service offerings that plan for, implement, and control the efficient, effective, and secure flow and storage of goods, services, and information in support of U.S. government agencies.

We develop and manage logistics information systems and specialized simulation and modeling toolsets, and provide logistics engineering services. Our solutions optimize policy, processes, operations, and readiness throughout the lifecycle of the individual, organization, and platform. Our operational capabilities are driven by readiness systems and fall into four sub-markets, which are:

Product Lifecycle Management: By integrating product lifecycle management (PLM) and decision support tools, CACI brings people, processes, and interoperable technologies together into a collaborative, integrated decision environment. This is done by utilizing common product data to design, deliver, and sustain affordable systems operational readiness for the soldier.

Supply Chain Total Solutions and Services: CACI’s supply chain total solutions and services provide real-time, end-to-end control of the supply chain, including the deployment, distribution, and sustainment pipeline. We provide enhanced asset visibility and management decision support tools. Our tailored support packages deliver automatic supply requirements generation, rule-based sourcing, and common processes across all services.

Logistics Operations/Enterprise Support Solutions and Services: CACI’s logistics operations/enterprise support solutions and services encompass in-service functions of the logistics lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal. The in-service functions enable assets to reach their expected service life, reduce lifecycle maintenance costs, and improve response time, while equipping decision makers with the tools needed to optimize readiness.

Manpower and Personnel/Training and Training Support Solutions and Services: We enable our civilian and military customers to identify, plan, acquire, allocate, retain, sustain, and manage talent at optimized capacity, capability, and cost to meet mission objectives.
CACI delivers actionable strategies and plans to implement, administer, and deliver integrated approaches and products to develop next-generation military and civilian personnel.

Logistics Material Readiness:
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