Investigation and Litigation Support

Technical Services

In support of our customers' varied missions, CACI provides a wide range of services, including:

  • Digital forensics laboratory: Located in Alexandria, Virginia, the CACI Digital Forensics Laboratory supports investigation, litigation, e-Discovery, cyberspace, and intelligence projects and customers with cutting-edge digital forensics solutions. Its certified digital forensics examiners provide a full range of on- and off-site services designed to collect, preserve, examine, and report on digital evidence in a forensically sound and industry-accepted manner.
  • These services include case consulting; evidence preservation/collection; computer, mobile device, and audio/video forensics; expert witness testimony; specialized data recovery; and encryption/password recovery. Since its inception, the lab has successfully collected and forensically processed more than 1,500 exhibits for numerous government agencies on a wide variety of criminal, financial, and contractual cases, as well as other legal and oversight issues.
  • The lab is accredited by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board (ASCLD/LAB)-International, a not-for-profit organization and the only accrediting body that focuses completely on laboratories performing testing for criminal justice purposes.
  • Cloud hosting: CACI's Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) cloud hosting solutions offer the benefits of scalability and easy implementation, while also providing stability, security, and speed – regardless of database size or complexity.
  • Our secure web-based repository, OMEGA, is available to house specific collections and/or entire databases. This Section 508-compliant system provides authorized access to all scanned and indexed images via the Internet, allowing attorneys, experts, paralegals, and other case-related users to access the data anywhere, anytime.
  • Additionally, CACI's OMEGA Portal provides SaaS access to collaboration tools as well as a number of industry-leading e-Discovery tools, such as Relativity, Clearwell, Equivio, iCONECT,  Axcelerate, and Summation.
  • e-Discovery support: CACI's e-discovery solutions allow our customers to quickly and accurately identify and process relevant data in a defensible manner, thus saving our customers both time and money.
  • Our accredited CACI Digital Forensics Laboratory, a full-service computer and audio/video forensics facility, focuses on the examination and analysis of digital evidence to support criminal investigations, civil litigations, and security inquiries. We provide consulting and execution services relating to the acquisition, analysis, and processing of electronic files of all types and from all sources.
  • We also assist with hold letters and related mechanisms, provide decision support on search and review approaches, and incorporate industry-leading automated culling and review tools, expert review services, and production support and tracking.
  • Forensic data extraction and analysis: CACI's systematically reliable performance ensures that extracting information from computers and mobile devices, guaranteeing its accuracy, and analyzing its meaning is a matter of expert-driven routine.
  • Through our state-of-the-art CACI Digital Forensics Laboratory, we are able to extract data, preserve it, cull it, and present it in a manner acceptable in court. Including audio and video review and redaction as well as office automation and a vast array of other file types, this complex process requires a range of experience, training, and capability, and our certified examiners, rigorous procedures, and experienced management ensure these critical functions are conducted quickly, accurately, and defensibly.
  • Our facility is accredited by ASCLD/LAB, assuring our customers that information extracted from computers, phones, tablets, and other devices is done accurately and is tracked and controlled properly.
  • Document/data capture and processing:  CACI's systems process small or large volumes quickly and accurately and provide comprehensive reporting for any planning or status need. Our state-of-the-art Washington, DC-area processing facility houses our automated processing pipeline, which controls electronic conversion and processing, scanning of all paper and film types, optical character recognition (OCR), video and audio conversion, coding/indexing at all levels of complexity, varying levels of automation, forms processing, and database construction and population.
  • Database development, population, and maintenance: CACI's expertise enables us to provide rapid analysis of any situation to identify the best tools and approaches for any situation, resulting in fast and accurate performance of all database-related activities. We build, populate, maintain, and support databases of various complexities, from COTS products to fully customized, large-scale Oracle applications, including web-hosted repositories.
  • Training: CACI's training team brings unparalleled depth and breadth of experience across products, processes, and perspectives. We offer appropriately targeted, productivity-enhancing, and cost-effective training.
  • Our full-time training and documentation group offers courses encompassing nearly all litigation support practices and procedures, including the use of COTS products such as CaseMap, Clearwell, Concordance, iCONECT, TrialDirector, Recommind, Relativity, Sanction, Summation, and many others. As a result, we can easily and effectively train attorneys, paralegals, and technical staff on any investigation or litigation activity.

This work can be executed on-site, or at a CACI facility dedicated to government support, which has both physical access controls as well as hardware and network security controls.

Investigation and Litigation Support Solutions
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