Investigation and Litigation Support

The Intersection of National Security, eDiscovery, IT, and Law Enforcement

We secure, discover, and deliver the information and evidence our customers need when they need it.

Our background investigators are the first line of defense to safeguard national security by conducting the quality investigations necessary to determine suitability for security clearances.

CACI assists the U.S. government in investigating and litigating thousands of cases, saving billions of dollars for taxpayers since 1978. We incorporate new technologies to help customers acquire, manage, and present evidence, from investigation through trial, post-trial, and appeals.

We use advanced technology solutions to provide Federal agencies with end-to-end litigation support for U.S. Attorney teams. This includes the extraction of critical digital evidence for the government’s most complex cases. Our Digital Forensics Laboratory is only one of three International Organization for Standardization (ISO) accredited private labs in the U.S. that analyzes digital evidence to support criminal and civil investigations, litigations, and security inquiries.

Quality Background Investigations. Missions That Matter.

The government grants security clearances to millions of people and entrusts them with access to classified information and secure facilities. To obtain these security clearances, individuals undergo comprehensive background investigations intended to ensure the loyalty and trustworthiness of the Federal workforce and contractors – and ultimately to safeguard national security.

CACI has been an industry-leading provider of Federal background investigations since 2004. We employ full-time and part-time investigators throughout the U.S. and its territories.

Our investigators serve as the first line of defense to protect national security. They conduct high-quality background investigation interviews and record checks to determine the suitability of current and prospective Federal employees, contractors, and military personnel for security clearances. They uncover critical information through record searches at law enforcement agencies, courthouses, medical centers, and financial bureaus to aid the government in adjudicating clearance eligibility efficiently and accurately.

Litigation Support

Trusted and Proven, End-to-End Litigation Support Providers

CACI personnel understand the Federal government’s environment, processes, and constraints. This enables them to recommend infrastructure enhancements and solutions that help the Federal government minimize data exchange risks and increase the speed and throughput for the litigation support process. CACI’s 40+ years of experience helps deliver efficient, sophisticated solutions for the government’s many needs.

CACI’s Operation Facility (COF) is built to support and host Federal government eDiscovery requirements. By eliminating the need to use multiple environments CACI helps deliver faster turnaround of eDiscovery projects and with higher overall quality.

CACI has established processes and quality assurance, quality control (QA/QC) procedures allowing us to perform large-scale, complex data migrations that provide the Federal government flexibility in selecting new eDiscovery solutions. This experience can be catered to support the unique data migration needs of the Federal government.

CACI Digital Forensics Laboratory

Increasing Confidence in Government Investigations and Litigations

The use of computers and mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets in criminal activity has increased exponentially as technology evolves. These devices frequently contain vital, critical evidence, including user information, call logs, location information, text messages, emails, images, and audio and video recordings.

Investigations, litigations, and security inquiries require specialized data recovery, rapid evidence analysis, and secure evidence preservation. CACI’s Digital Forensics Laboratory is one of three ISO accredited private labs in the U.S. that offers these services and more to the Federal government.

Accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB), the lab uses innovative technologies and industry-leading digital forensics and eDiscovery tools to provide support for some of the government’s most complex and widely known investigations, including Enron, Deep Water Horizon, Hurricane Katrina, and Bernie Madoff.

CACI’s Digital Forensics Laboratory has collected and forensically processed more than 1,500 exhibits (totaling more than one petabyte of data) for government agencies working on criminal, financial, and contractual cases, as well as other legal and oversight issues.

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