Investigation and Litigation Support


Our investigation and litigation support offerings includes both functional and technical services related to:

  • Investigations
  • e-Discovery planning and execution
  • Litigations (discovery support, pre-trial/trial support, and post-trial/appeals support)
  • Claims
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) support

Additionally, we offer technology solutions and services using industry-leading practices and state-of-the-practice tools to provide our customers with efficient and cost-effective support for:

  • Forensic data extraction and analysis
  • Document/data capture and processing
  • Database development, population, and maintenance
  • Cloud hosting
  • Training

As a premier provider of investigation and litigation support solutions and services, CACI embraces the complex deadline-driven environment in which today's investigations, litigations, and other legal activities are conducted in the government arena.

We continually monitor and develop new document and data capture approaches that increase efficiency and lower costs for our customers in high-stakes situations such as trials, investigations, hearings, and regulatory and enforcement activities.

Our portfolio of offerings includes:

  • Pre-trial, trial, and post-trial support solutions: Leveraging our deep domain expertise, CACI has proven procedures, skilled trainers, an experienced management team, and highly qualified staff in place. We assist with a wide range of attorney support tasks, including document acquisition support, privilege and relevance reviews, deposition preparation, brief and motion preparation, legal research, exhibit preparation, expert witness support, exhibit tracking, trial presentation, and post-trial and appeals support.
  • Case management: CACI's offerings enable our customers to efficiently and effectively respond to the often complex and time-sensitive needs of federal investigations and litigations. Our case management offerings provide a comprehensive, secure environment for protecting, organizing, sharing, and managing data.
  • This may include general case information, party information, victim/witness tracking, event tracking and calendars, documents and document assembly, document imaging/profiling/searching, time tracking, audit logs, automated workflows for standard processes, and application administration and customization.
  • Claims management: CACI's processes help the government quickly and reliably respond to claims, ensuring court deadlines are met while saving taxpayers money. Our wide range of claims management services includes image-enabled databases of claims and corresponding claimant metadata; acknowledgements, denials, mailings, mail tracking, and returned mail analysis and follow-up; routing workflows; research; legal sufficiency reviews; hotline/help desk support; and management reporting.
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) support: CACI's FOIA support offerings provide rapid processing and document redactions, as well as consistent response to and better tracking of requests.
  • Our FOIA offerings for government agencies include creating, updating, and maintaining FOIA databases/websites; identifying, collecting, and assembling documents responsive to FOIA requests; reviewing and screening documents for responsiveness and FOIA exemptions; redacting information in releasable documents; tracking all documents throughout review; and preparing documents for distribution.
  • Chain of custody: CACI provides strict chain of custody for all materials in its possession. This creates a complete and unbroken record of possession of the controlled material that will withstand the scrutiny of adverse parties in court, if necessary.
Investigation and Litigation Support Solutions
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