Intelligence Systems and Support


CACI's intelligence systems and support solutions have enabled customers across the Intelligence Community (IC) and Department of Defense (DoD) to advance situational awareness, improve mission planning, identify and engage adversary systems, and transform raw data into actionable information. We deliver a full spectrum of intelligence support, from strategic thought leadership to tactical operational support and leading-edge Multi-INT technologies in order to help our customers succeed in their most vital missions. We also provide the systems integration, training, sustainment, and research and development efforts to ensure that our solutions are meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations in everything we do.

Some representative examples of our work include:

  • Foreign Instrumentation Signals Systems: CACI’s FIS Product Family program develops, deploys, and maintains foreign instrumentation signals (FIS) collection, exploitation, and reporting systems for the IC and DoD. We’ve built the systems used to process nearly all of the FIS data collected today, and have provided more than 60 major FISINT system deliveries to 25 sites in 9 countries.
  • Software-Defined Radio/Electronic Attack Application: For our military customers, CACI has developed a distributed, cognitive software-defined radio/electronic attack application that equips soldiers with non-kinetic offensive capabilities against adversary communications, C2, and unmanned systems.
  • Multi-Intelligence Spatial Temporal (MIST) toolsuite: MIST provides the IC and DoD with the capability to perform Multi-INT fusion analysis of vast datasets, enhanced by spatial and temporal visualization techniques, to reveal critical patterns of life and links to particular networks or individuals in order to inform mission planning.
  • Sustainment: For one DoD customer, CACI provides operations and maintenance support for all of its intelligence systems globally, as well as field support representatives. We provide software upgrades, monitor the status of equipment, and support hardware deployed in the field.
Intelligence Systems and Support Solutions:
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