Intelligence Systems and Support


CACI designs, develops, integrates, deploys, and rapidly prototypes hardware- and software-enabled tools and applications, as well as foreign instrumentation and signals intelligence systems, which advance situational awareness and mission support for our Intelligence Community (IC) and Department of Defense (DoD) customers. We collect, process, analyze, and visualize data to support a wide range of intelligence products and services to deliver actionable information in near real-time. Our training and maintenance services equip analysts and troops with the skills and equipment to gain strategic advantage.

Complete Radio Frequency (RF) Systems Solutions: We design, develop, integrate, deploy, and operate end-to-end RF collection and processing systems for customers across the IC and DoD.

  • Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence (FISINT): We provide unrivaled expertise in all aspects of system development and analysis of FISINT, which include signals emitted by foreign adversary instruments such as weapons systems.
  • CACI's FIS Product Family program develops, deploys, and maintains foreign instrumentation signals (FIS) collection, exploitation, and reporting systems for the IC. In the last 12 years, CACI has designed, developed, tested, and delivered nearly 100 percent of the operational FISINT systems for the IC. This includes more than 60 major FISINT system deliveries to 25 sites in 9 countries. Our deep understanding of all aspects of FISINT collection, processing, and analysis is based on our extensive experience performing FISINT site operations, collection planning and execution, new signals analysis, custom signal processing, and weapons and space systems analysis.
  • CACI innovates cutting-edge FIS data processing solutions to keep pace with dynamic and expanding global FIS threats. Our solutions include developing new processing algorithms and techniques. We build these techniques into software applications, which may then be integrated into larger systems. CACI applies these solutions to such processing capabilities as search and detection, recognition, and exploitation. We’ve built the systems used to process nearly all FIS data collected by the IC today.
  • Signals Exploit and Attack: Available commercial technologies and platforms provide our nation’s adversaries with significant command and control (C2) and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities. CACI’s precision radio frequency (RF)-based solution combats this evolving threat.
  • Our modular, cognitive software-defined radio/electronic attack technology provides real-time situational awareness and sophisticated offensive capabilities. This RF-based solution enables the U.S. military to exploit and attack commercially available Wi-Fi and cellular communications, as well as closed proprietary protocols such as digital push-to-talk networks and unmanned platform applications. This solution enables soldiers to detect, disrupt, and defeat the enemy’s communications and C2, as well as counter unmanned systems using non-kinetic engagement. Since our techniques are RF-based, this technology is daylight-and nighttime-capable, operates in any weather condition, and minimizes the weight carried by each soldier.
  • Tagging, Tracking, and Location: CACI’s tagging, tracking, and location (TTL) solution enables customers to remotely track a person or physical asset in any environment, day or night. Our TTL capabilities include tag design, covert concealment and tracking, and supply-chain tracking. We have designed and developed TTL systems to identify, track, and target threats to U.S. forces. This capability supports pattern-of-life detection and visibility of material assets in the supply chain from warehouse to command center.

Analysis Tools: CACI develops industry-forward systems and tools for the collection, processing, and analysis of multiple intelligence (Multi-INT) data to propel situational awareness to the tactical edge.

  • CACI’s solutions collect and manipulate all-source intelligence, signals intelligence (SIGINT), foreign instrumentation signals intelligence (FISINT), communications intelligence (COMINT), electronic intelligence (ELINT), measurement and signatures intelligence (MASINT), and video.
  • Our Multi-Intelligence Spatial Temporal (MIST) toolsuite delivers more powerful intelligence through Multi-INT fusion analysis, reporting, and collaboration for the IC and DoD. MIST performs tailored, time-sensitive fusion analysis of extremely large amounts of Multi-INT data. This solution analyzes and presents data spatially and temporally, leveraging powerful activity-based intelligence (ABI) and object-based production (OBP) to highlight patterns and detect deviations from normal pattern-of-life activity for particular networks or individuals. This information is a valuable asset for the mission planning and battlefield forensics needs of our IC and DoD customers.
  • CACI further provides mission advisors with expertise in MIST and FISINT toolsets, and staffs analysts throughout the world. We also provide sophisticated training on operating our analysis tools, and deliver the systems used in training, such as equipment and simulators.

Operations Management Systems: CACI supports operations management systems by delivering end-to-end SIGINT capabilities. We employ multiple-theater collection sensors, exploitation, and analytic efforts in order to deliver intelligence in near real-time.

  • CACI is an industry leader in SIGINT collection, processing, and dissemination systems, including Multi-INT fusion and networked SIGINT capabilities, for use by national security and intelligence analysts as well as troops on the battlefield. For the IC, we develop and manufacture software-defined radio (SDR) systems capable of hosting a variety of SIGINT collection and exploitation applications.
  • We develop state-of-the-art hardware for information tasking, tracking, and collection in near real-time to advance situational awareness for troops on the ground. We engineer the software to convert signals to manageable digital data, and the tools to turn this data into actionable information.
  • CACI leads the way in virtualized signal processing capabilities. We were the first SIGINT mission area to fully transition all near real-time data acquisition and processing to a virtualized environment, and have integrated virtualization capabilities for significant capacity savings.

CACI’s operations management systems further provide:

  • Agile software development and prototyping – We follow a rapid prototyping and spiral development approach to field new technologies that meet quick reaction capability (QRC) requirements.
  • Operations management infrastructure – We build infrastructure on top of systems to ensure applications are performing at optimum capacity.
  • Operations and data preparation services – We provide subject-matter expert personnel to task and manage fielded systems, in order to transform raw data into knowledge.

Training and Training Systems: CACI regularly provides training to our DoD and IC customer base. We have trained hundreds of troops in SIGINT operations that directly contribute to their overall success. In our realistic training environment, students use actual equipment against high-fidelity simulators.

Sustainment, System, and Equipment Maintenance: CACI provides operations and maintenance support for global intelligence systems, as well as field support representatives.

  • We provide software upgrades to field patches and actively monitor the health and status of equipment, proactively replacing aging or obsolete hardware in the field. Hardware support in the field is provided anytime, anywhere by forward-deployed field support representatives.
  • CACI’s logistics support includes procurement of hardware and software, storage and control of sensor components prior to integration and assembly, storage and control of completed sensor systems, and packaging and global shipping of equipment.

Research and Development: CACI invests in new and novel research that pushes the envelope of traditional intelligence systems and techniques, and leads to cutting-edge programs currently developed and deployed.

  • We follow a QRC rapid prototyping and spiral development approach to field new capabilities. This approach enables us to rapidly field incremental capabilities and evolve the final solution based on lessons learned in the field. We quickly evolve mature concept of operations and get high-priority capabilities to combatant commanders and troops. CACI systems have been rapidly and incrementally developed in response to urgent needs, and subsequently matured into programs of record capabilities for the U.S. military.
  • CACI provides robust R&D developmental capabilities in support of national security missions. We maintain facilities to meet a broad spectrum of design, development, prototyping, and Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) solutions in support of diverse global intelligence requirements.
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