Intelligence Services



Getting the right information to the right people in time to create the desired effect is an operational imperative. CACI provides solutions that enable our customers to make sense of data in order to make better decisions, improve operations, and gain the information advantage in every mission environment. We deliver solutions that enable available data to be used more effectively to provide assessments, gain and maintain situational awareness, support decision making, and improve operations.

Global Intelligence Operations: CACI provides highly skilled and experienced intelligence analysts to help solve our customers’ most difficult challenges. Our support is provided at the strategic and tactical levels, and consists of intelligence analysis, mission engineering, operations support and planning, policy, doctrine, and security support. We also provide informational systems operations, mission-essential staffing, and maintenance and sustainment. Stateside, we are at work providing analysis of data received from a variety of sources. Internationally, we are deployed with our customers to provide direct support, such as ground truth and intelligence gathering in the field.

Intelligence Analysis:CACI delivers the tools, expert analysis, and tradecraft required to provide timely, relevant, and understandable intelligence to inform decision-makers and influence outcomes. Our support includes all enabling functions needed to perform intelligence collection, tasking, exploitation, analysis, dissemination, and visualization to enhance situational awareness. CACI analysts are practiced in the art of all-source analysis, deriving value from the totality of information that is available, rather than from individual intelligence disciplines or sources. These techniques and approaches can be equally applied to supporting commanders in the field, policy-makers across government, and specialized requirements such as tracking threat financing or countering narcotics flows. Our analysis work for this effort includes:

  • Signals intelligence (SIGINT)
  • Human intelligence (HUMINT)
  • Open source intelligence (OSINT)
  • Counterterrorism (CT)
  • Cyber threat analysis
  • Counterintelligence (CI)
  • Human terrain
  • All-source analysis
  • System engineering (SE) analysis
  • Full motion video (FMV)
  • Document/material exploitation (DOMEX)
  • Imagery intelligence (IMINT)

Intelligence Training: CACI offers practical training and professional development for the intelligence and cyber workforce who serve in operational, investigative, collection, and analytical roles throughout multiple national security organizations. We offer:

  • Integrated, dynamic classroom instruction, mobile training teams, and cutting-edge distance learning technologies
  • The only Department of Defense (DoD)-level accrediting course providing DoD certification for  advanced counterintelligence operations
  • Highly specialized, classified expertise, from languages and advanced SIGINT to document exploitation and counterintelligence tradecraft
  • Certification for analysts to provide analytical support to develop operational  packages

Language Services: In a more connected and dynamic world, CACI delivers personnel with some of the most unique and relevant language capabilities. From training to intelligence interpretation, language is a core mission within the current intelligence landscape. In pursuing this mission, our experts:

  • Offer high-end language support to classified customers in the Intelligence Community (IC) and DoD
  • Integrate language technology to augment and increase throughput of intelligence analytical activities
  • Deliver support to human terrain analysis, which supplies knowledge about local populations, named areas of interest, and political and military leadership in regions in which U.S. military commanders are deployed – this knowledge supports national agencies’ decision-makers
  • Provide OSINT translation of various media sources to enhance intelligence analysis and products

Our linguists are intelligence analysts who possess highly specialized language skills that help them more effectively engage local populations for more accurate intelligence.

CACI linguists deploy with military forces to work with local populations in order to derive human intelligence that helps keep the U.S. safe.

Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT): CACI delivers the geospatial analyses necessary to meet the full mission scope of our DoD and IC customers. Our combination of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, highly trained staff, and key partnerships provides the unique set of GEOINT capabilities needed for tasks from planning military missions to analyzing social trends and forecasting societal events.

Our multi-layered data models help support several government entities to build better situational awareness of geospatial environments. We employ sophisticated spatial and temporal visualization techniques to enable geo-based operational intelligence requirements. We combine open source with national protected data fusion to provide a more holistic picture to operational users.

Our GEOINT solutions and services include:

  • GEOINT collection and production
  • GEOINT analytical services
  • Open source harvesting and verification
  • Automated conflation services
  • Digital and hardcopy map production
  • Web-based visualization tools
  • Secure mobile applications and solutions
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Architectural support in key transformations across key parts of NGA
  • Information security services to protect the geospatial enterprise

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT): CACI has been on the leading edge of utilizing publicly available information to enrich understanding of events, anticipate trends and activities, and provide deeper understanding for decision-makers. Open source information has been employed to:

  • Highlight signatures, patterns, and trends that derive predictive analysis
  • Integrate various social media content into large-scale, big-data analytic systems for forecasting significant social events, such as civil unrest incidents and disease outbreaks
  • Provide web-based collaboration and visualization tools that enhance situational awareness. These tools:
    • Use relevant, current, and validated open source geospatial, social media, and intelligence content
    • Enable automated tipping and queuing solutions
    • Leverage industry and academia partnerships
    • Deliver support to regional operations commanders and area studies

Our OSINT solutions and services include:

  • Access to thousands of commercially available licensed and open data sources
  • Web-based tools for viewing and collaboration
  • OSINT analytical services
  • Data architects
  • Conflation of open source information with existing data sources

All-Source Analysis: Our highly specialized all-source analysts provide intelligence analysis against a range of national and global threats, and are experts in all-source research, analysis, reporting, processes, and intelligence databases.

  • We support multiple national agencies and DoD components in more than 30 intelligence analysis programs.
  • CACI provides leading regional and functional analytical tradecraft experts on the world’s most challenging regions.
  • We leverage deep knowledge of an array of analytic tools to build all-source products.
  • Our document exploitation skills enable us to respond and direct real-time collection activities.
  • We counter network activities to support the identification and analysis of adversary threats.

Human Terrain: Our human terrain personnel provide the latest information so that commanders fully understand the persons, populations, or controlled areas where the human terrain activity occurs.

  • We provide for long- and short-term assessments of an area, personalities, or military/political power brokers.
  • We use biometric collection relative to named areas of interest for both known and emerging threats. 
  • Operationally, our analysts provide support to their forward-deployed counterparts, who use the latest analytical tools to visualize and rapidly identify human terrain patterns related to counter-IED initiatives.
  • We utilize open source intelligence to map the movement of known terrorist organizations, to include identification of groups most likely to be susceptible to propaganda.

Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD): CACI provides CWMD support covering the spectrum of nuclear, chemical, and biological threats.

  • We support nuclear analysis targeted at specific high-interest nations.
  • We are a thought leader in bio-surveillance and bio-security.
  • Using strong intelligence tradecraft, we help determine existing and emerging threats.

Counterintelligence (CI)/Human Intelligence (HUMINT): CACI CI/HUMINT professionals have executed tradecraft in the field at tactical and strategic levels, in management positions at combatant command and national levels, in classrooms, and in the national arena of developing doctrines and policies.

  • CACI designs and supports CI/HUMINT reporting capabilities focused on unique missions.
  • We provide analytical services ranging from national security and tech transfer to illegal immigration and human trafficking.
  • Our subject matter experts support CI/HUMINT production and analysis and provide high-level advice and assistance at the agency director and under-secretary levels to field commanders at the tactical levels.
  • We assist in the development of CI/HUMINT policy and doctrine and review of sensitive operations presented to Congress.

System Engineering: CACI has qualified system engineers supporting programs for IC and DoD customers.  

  • Our engineers support multiple domains for all of our customers, including non-classified internet protocol router networks; multiple Secret networks, such as battlefield information collection and exploitation systems, CX-I, and secret internet protocol routers; and Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information networks, including the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System and content delivery networks.
  • Our system engineers are well versed in operations and administration of the traditional Microsoft server environment, including Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Active Directory, and SharePoint. Additionally, our engineers are proficient at securing domains using traditional group policies and less traditional data-at-rest techniques.
  • We have employed cloud technologies while leveraging cutting-edge techniques that use a service layer to force all data stored within the communication and transport data layer to be encrypted when at rest and decrypted when requested for display.

Full Motion Video (FMV): Our FMV analysts provide real-time support to operations by monitoring data feeds, interpreting and understanding observed activity, alerting mission-planners and decision-makers, and providing immediate feedback on mission results. 

  • CACI performs all aspects of the Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze and Disseminate (F3EAD) process.
  • We provide ISR mission management, intelligence fusion, standards and evaluations, system maintenance, and network support.
  • ISR tactical controllers provide real-time over-watch during movement of unmanned aerial systems to and from the target area.
  • We support processing, exploitation, and dissemination support accessing and integrating FMV data from airborne and other sensors. Our analysis will create imagery-derived products, perform callouts that inform FMV content, and create the end-of-mission storyboard.

Document/Material Exploitation (DOMEX): CACI-developed software is the leading exploitation tool for captured documents and electronic media collected during operations. We have deployed teams to austere environments in support of combat operations and have trained large numbers of military members in the tradecraft of DOMEX operations. Our tools and techniques allow the operator on the ground to deliver data to a national database, and to understand the content of the collected information and the intentions of the owners of that information. These applications also allow the operator to make informed decisions about the tactical situation, and about personnel who may have been captured with the materials, in order to quickly advise decision-makers. The CACI-assisted exploitation has provided actionable intelligence and the associated forensics that resulted in disrupting and neutralizing enemy activities.

Imagery Intelligence (IMINT): Our analysts provide real-time analysis, collection, and readouts to commanders and decision-makers. They provide in-depth, imagery-derived information to support planning and broad-ranging requirements that include response to natural disasters, map and chart needs, foundational geospatial data-layer requirements, and the tailored needs of the IC, military organizations, and domestic customers.

  • We use a diverse set of imagery tools and systems across the Intelligence Community to graphically depict ISR resources, tasking, and coverage for our supported customers.
  • Our IMINT content managers are adept at assessing the strengths and weaknesses of various airborne collectors to support customer needs and develop collection plans that better allocate scarce resources to meet changing requirements.
  • We extract intelligence from all imagery sources that include national, commercial, and airborne resources.

Counterterrorism (CT):  Our analysts provide counterterrorist, analytic, and watchlisting support. Analysts augment missions by providing identities analysis, terrorist identity analysis, quality control, records enhancement, biometrics analysis, and encounters analysis.