Intelligence Services

Tradecraft Tailored to Operations

Using our Tradecraft Tailored to Operations framework, CACI’s intelligence professionals integrate tradecraft, tools, data, technology, and processes to meet our customer’s evolving needs. Our tailored solutions enable decisions and operations at the speed of mission.

Turn Information into Intelligence. By leveraging all sources of information, our analysts enhance situational awareness and help combat threats at home and abroad.

Exploit Information. Our analytical toolsets and processes inform mission planning, anticipate activities, establish ground truth, and empower decision-makers.

Support Global Security. Our experts deliver intelligence analysis, intelligence operations support, counterintelligence, and other services to help disrupt terrorist networks, protect our forces, and counter asymmetric threats.

Since 2012, our social media and open source data collection and analytics project has delivered more than 20,000 fine-grained societal event predictions for Latin America and the Middle East.