In addition to capabilities within our Healthcare Delivery Systems, Public Health, Medical Operations and Preparedness, and Benefits and Payer Systems areas, our key healthcare solutions include:

  • Business Process Re-engineering
    CACI uses business process re-engineering to help customers re-engineer their business and clinical requirements to support a more effective, agile development environment.
  • We apply simulation technology to verify the viability and performance of proposed solution alternatives and generate the business case. Our planning solutions become the core component of decision support systems that provide our customers with predictive analytics in the operating environment.
  • Software Engineering
    CACI’s agile, standards-based software engineering services ensure value for our customers. Our “think big, start small, scale fast” approach means that we use an iterative, dialogue-driven process to reach a solution, saving our federal customers time and money.
  • We use mobile applications and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products to integrate requirements, architecture/design, testing, and semantic services on a variety of major contracts.
  • Identity Access Management
    CACI’s identity access management solutions help service providers manage individual identities, authentication, authorization, roles, privileges and permissions within or across systems. Not only do our services increase security and productivity, but they decrease costs, downtime, and repetitive tasks.
  • We have developed eight projects designed to prototype enterprise-wide Identity and Access Management (IAM) capabilities for the VA. These include capabilities such as single user sign-on, secure information sharing among trusted parties, electronic signature, specialized access control, and compliance and audit reporting.
  • Information Security and Assurance
    CACI delivers information assurance solutions that provide robust new capabilities and positive returns on investment, enabling federal agencies like the TRICARE Management Activity to carry out their missions.
  • For systems integration, managed security services, identity management, forensics, and compliance, we help ensure the security and integrity of critical systems.
  • Transition Planning and Implementation CACI understands the importance of safeguarding mission-critical information, processes, and activities during the period of transition between contracts.
  • Our dedicated transition manager, backed by a team of experienced experts, uses a standardized approach through four distinct phases of the transition process: pre-award, ramp-up, contract scope transition, and post-transition. Each phase has its own execution plan that includes measured goals, objectives, and deliverables, as well as detailed risk mitigation processes. We also offer a suite of tools that speed transition and help users manage the complex tasks of building large teams and establishing new processes and workflows.
  • Health Communications
    CACI has been instrumental in the development and implementation of content for the groundbreaking website created for the National Center for Telehealth and Technology (T2). The website serves as a single access point and integration portal for behavioral health programs and supporting content tools for kids dealing with the stresses of deployment.
  • Our experts assisted in developing psycho-educationally informed content designed to help these military children cope during their parents’ or loved ones’ deployment cycles.
  • Health Analytics
    Health analytics span from typically business-oriented applications, such as financial forecasting, to life sciences research support using bioinformatics. We solve analytics challenges such as:
    • Performance Management – Our depth of financial reporting solutions for federal agencies enables effective budgeting, forecasting, obligation, and tracking of results relative to key performance metrics.
    • System Integrity – Our expertise in credentialing and fraud detection enables prevention of unauthorized transactions, or identifying improper payments in completed transactions.
    • Workforce Management – Our experience using historical data to predict staff activity and other proactive workforce modeling enables effective human resources planning and management.
    • Population Health Management – Our predictive analytics capability is directly applicable to a variety of public health analytics, surveillance, and incidence response requirements.
    • Clinical Informatics – The application of these same capabilities enables forecasting efficacy of protocols and drug treatments, which allows for more effective clinical decision support.
    • Bioinformatics – The large scale and complexity of health and life sciences research require effective analytics to accelerate discovery and the transition of new capabilities into healthcare delivery.

Representative examples of our Health IT core services are:

  • Data Analytics
  • Data Exchange and Interoperability
  • Data Management, Including Big Data
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Mobile Applications
  • Operations and Support
  • Program and Change Management
  • Software Development
  • Systems Integration
Our Health Mission:

Modernize Health Systems – We implement and integrate next-generation healthcare IT systems and electronic health records.

Reduce Health-Related Costs – We drive precision medicine with data analytics, measure effectiveness of care, and detect financial waste, fraud and abuse.

Ensure Integrity of Health Systems and Patient Data – We protect patient information, deploy next-generation privacy systems, and certify and accredit health systems.

Mitigate Health Threats and Enable Preparedness and Response – We deploy systems for bio-surveillance, outbreak detection, and disease prevention; assess international health threats; create effective medical supply logistics; and improve rapid response to disasters and emergencies.