Theater Medical Operations and Medical Logistics – Mission Partner for Readiness

We provide end-to-end healthcare solutions and services for our nation’s military deployed in theaters of operations globally. Our teams deploy with our nation’s military to ensure they receive accurate, efficient, high-quality medical treatment from the battlefield through recovery and beyond.

We provide end-to-end medical logistics supply chain management for the Military Health System. We modernize defense medical logistics systems to help healthcare providers deliver accurate, efficient medical treatment and enhance medical situational awareness in theater.

We also deliver emergency preparedness, logistics, and medical contingency support for the Department of Defense (DoD) and rapidly deploy medical products, equipment, and pharmaceuticals to support wartime efforts, humanitarian relief, and other contingency operations worldwide. We have deployed fully-equipped hospitals to support disaster relief efforts such as Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and to support major contingency operations in military theaters of operation.

Health Analytics and Large-Scale Data Management

Through our advanced analytics capabilities, we provide improved medical situational awareness at the command level to enable better decision making and decision support. Our analytics solutions provide actionable health information to transform the way beneficiary and care delivery programs are managed.

We take massive volumes of data pulled from multiple sources and use tools for trending, data mining, and predictive analysis to streamline processes to identify relationships across healthcare insurance data sets and transform the data into actionable information such as predicting enrollment patterns.

We also support the Defense Health Agency’s enterprise solution that delivers platform-agnostic advanced data warehousing, cloud-based big data analytics, and predictive analytics to help clinical analysts improve the quality and cost-efficient delivery of precision healthcare to military personnel. Our solutions deliver medical intelligence and provide analytics to determine causal links between diagnoses and treatment plan outcomes.

Public Health – U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN)

CACI experts collect and analyze healthcare-associated infections (HAI) statistics from more than 20,000 healthcare facilities throughout the country. Our infection control professionals train and advise users about the NHSN surveillance protocols and reporting parameters. CACI helps healthcare facilities evaluate protocols, adjust best practices, and analyze data. We work closely with the CDC to triage and respond to facility questions submitted through the NHSN helpdesk. Data from the NHSN is used as part of Hospital Compare – a Yelp-type resource for medical care – to allow patients to compare their quality of care and make informed medical care decisions.

Health Information Assurance

Our comprehensive cyber solutions secure federal health programs and protect individuals’ personally identifiable information and protected health information. Our information assurance expertise, combined with health IT domain knowledge, ensures the best possible protection of critical health-related information.

Our Health Mission:

Modernize Health Systems – We implement and integrate next-generation healthcare IT systems and electronic health records.

Reduce Health-Related Costs – We drive precision medicine with data analytics, measure effectiveness of care, and detect financial waste, fraud and abuse.

Ensure Integrity of Health Systems and Patient Data – We protect patient information, deploy next-generation privacy systems, and certify and accredit health systems.

Mitigate Health Threats and Enable Preparedness and Response – We deploy systems for bio-surveillance, outbreak detection, and disease prevention; assess international health threats; create effective medical supply logistics; and improve rapid response to disasters and emergencies.