Medical Operations and Preparedness

Enabling worldwide medical response in support of disaster relief and military actions: As an industry leader supporting the operational and IT needs of the federal healthcare logistics community, CACI provides medical logistics, facility management, and biomedical equipment maintenance support worldwide.

We support humanitarian relief efforts with medical supplies and equipment, enhance healthcare delivery in peacetime, and promote wartime readiness and sustainability.

Our support includes:

  • Every major military operation and disaster in the last decade, including Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Japanese and Indonesian tsunamis, earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, and the Ebola pandemic.
  • Providing modular, scalable, rapid response mobile hospital packages called Expeditionary Medical Support Systems (EMEDS) for wartime contingencies and humanitarian relief.
  • Providing end-to-end medical logistics supply chain management through our Defense Medical Logistics — Enterprise Solution (DML-ES). The DML-ES applications provide a continuum of IT capability that overcomes the challenges of global operations from commercial suppliers down to the point of use in theater.
  • Stockpiling medical countermeasures such as vaccines, antidotes, and medicines in the event of a pandemic, chemical, or biological threat to protect service members and their families.
  • Ordering, receiving, building, packing, and shipping more than 200 types of assemblages consisting of medical equipment and supplies for dispatch to anywhere in the world in a matter of hours, for customers including the Defense Health Agency, the Army, the Air Force, the Air National Guard, Air Mobility Command, Air Combat Command, and Air Force Special Forces Command.
  • Providing healthcare facility sustainment, restoration, and modernization program management for 74 military treatment facilities worldwide to assure a safe environment of care.
  • Providing theater medical information program (TMIP-J) solutions for the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, and the U.S. Army.

We offer the following medical logistics capabilities:

Theater Medical Information Program (TMIP-J): For the U.S. Army, we provide medical personnel with quick, accurate access to patient histories, ensuring that deployed soldiers receive appropriate medical treatment from the battlefield through recovery and beyond through our Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4) system.

Expeditionary and Contingency Support: Using our comprehensive medical logistics solution and versatile staff, we provide medical supplies and equipment anywhere, anytime.

We support contingencies, humanitarian relief operations, consequence management, and natural disasters, ensuring that assets remain in a perpetual high state of preparedness. Our areas of expertise include:

Assemblage Management: We meticulously produce medical kits and deployable medical facilities, deploy and maintain biomedical equipment, on-time deployment of assets, reconstitution of redeployed assets, and everything in between.

In support of the Air Force, Army, and Air Force Special Operations Command, we help design, requisition, build, sustain, deploy, and reconstitute medical assemblages in support of worldwide medical expeditionary and contingency operations.

Additionally, we support the Air Force's aeromedical equipment program by tracking and exchanging aeromedical evacuation equipment used during patient movements, assuring availability of medical equipment is sustained at all global locations.

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Stockpile Management: Managing prepositioned stockpiles presents unique challenges that must be overcome to keep stockpiles in a constant ready state, while doing it economically. CACI utilizes a host of approaches and tools to achieve high asset availability, to include involvement with vendor-managed programs.

Humanitarian Relief Operations: CACI supports humanitarian relief operations as a by-product of managing defense expeditionary contingency resources. When support is requested and approved through official government channels, CACI prepares and ships medical supplies, equipment, and deployable treatment facilities wherever and whenever needed.

Medical Countermeasures: CACI maintains a broad spectrum of medical countermeasures, including vaccines, in the event of a disease outbreak such as a pandemic flu event, chemical and biological antidotes, and other preventative and treatment medicines. We manage the delivery of these environmentally sensitive materials as they are shipped to locations worldwide.

Healthcare Supply Chain Management: CACI recognizes the importance of paying close attention to all parts of the supply chain and fosters collaboration to facilitate availability of medical materiel in a responsive, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Our areas of expertise include:

Inventory Management: CACI works closely with suppliers and procurement organizations to forecast requirements, establish valid re-order points, and maintain high inventory accuracy.

Dated Item Management:We proactively identify stock requiring rotation, exchange or return before expiration to minimize cost and reduce waste.

Warehousing and Distribution: CACI has years of experience managing medical warehouse and distribution operations. We understand the controls needed to protect, account for, and store controlled substances and manage other unique aspects such as cold and hazardous material storage and distribution.

Cold Chain Management: We closely control the cold chain from start to finish, assuring that precious refrigerated and frozen vaccines and medications reliably reach their destinations on schedule and in a useable condition.

Our proven packing methods maintain the appropriate temperature range regardless of shipment size, climatic conditions, and shipping environments. We use the latest technologies to continuously record temperatures to positively confirm efficacy of use.

Shelf-life Extension Program (SLEP): Our SLEP program is bolstered based upon aggressively capturing accurate quality assurance (QA) data and careful management of dated items. Our timely material inspections and advanced reporting significantly reduce customer cost.

Returns Program: When medical items are no longer required, not extendable, or unable to be redistributed to other customers, CACI coordinates return of items to commercial vendors for credit.

Quality Assurance (QA): CACI carefully validates every shipment, segregates discrepant shipments, and enters comprehensive QA data in the inventory record to assure immediate action can be taken to locate, pull, and segregate medical stocks being recalled or requiring inspection.

Transportation: CACI transporters schedule shipment pickup via freight carriers, small package carriers, military air shipment, and shipments by sea as required for any shipment to designated destinations around the world.

Information Systems: We provide information and radio communications systems support that includes procurement, integration, modernization, technology refresh, configuration, packaging, storage, and delivery of systems and devices used by medical units worldwide.

We provide the functional design, development, deployment, and sustainment of the Department of Defense's enterprise defense medical logistics support system, which is deployed worldwide to military units and ensures contingency readiness and sustainability.

We also provide technical and functional support to assess the current readiness posture of the defense medical community and assist in the development and implementation of the appropriate role for meeting the medical readiness needs of the services.

Healthcare Facilities Support: CACI has extensive experience managing U.S. military Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) management programs, as well as an understanding of the Joint Commission (TJC), the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), and other healthcare accreditation standards to enable healthcare delivery in modern and safe settings. Our areas of expertise include:

Facility Sustainment, Restoration, and Maintenance: CACI provides technical and functional design guidance supporting all sustainment, restoration, and modernization (SRM) efforts. We analyze and evaluate SRM maintenance contracts, SRM construction, and SRM upgrade projects, including specific building systems, to ensure projects meet facility requirements and comply with governmental and industry standards.

We assist the Air Force in managing its 17 million square feet of Air Force Medical Treatment Facilities worldwide by planning, programming, and overseeing the execution of sustainment, restoration, and modernization efforts at 72 locations.

Planning and Programming: We plan, program, and execute cost-effective minor construction and maintenance and repair projects of medical facilities to ensure projects meet facility requirements and comply with government-developed and industry-established standards and codes.

Real Property Installed Equipment Management (RPIE): CACI supports the oversight of RPIE maintenance to prevent catastrophic failure and avoid unnecessary repairs. We assure RPIE record integrity, update and monitor preventive maintenance schedules, and confirm applicable documentation is posted to meet stringent healthcare accreditation standards.

Commissioning:Our step-by-step building system commissioning methodology assures exceptional oversight from the engineering kick-off meeting through multiple design reviews, functional testing, and acceptance.

Energy Conservation: CACI-certified professional engineers identify, plan, and implement highly effective energy conservation programs. The engineering team has a proven track record of efficient designs substantiated by the following savings for one customer a total of 14,417,859 kWh and 352,671,100,000 BTUs equating to approximately $4.4 million in annual savings.

Environment of Care Planning: Through use of a comprehensive facility management application, CACI maintains real property records and periodic, preventive, and building maintenance records, and establishes facility upgrade plans to address life safety deficiencies and demonstrate compliance with programs to sustain a safe care environment for patients, visitors, and staff.

Facility Utilization: Our team members support MTF facility managers with space planning activities and maintain accurate drawings to ensure medical treatment facilities remain fully functional as delivery practices change and evolve.

Information Systems:CACI develops and sustains Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS)-Facility Management (FM), an industry-standard enterprise system for supporting MTF building lifecycle needs. Our DMLSS-FM instruction tools have become a model for standardizing practices and data for decision-making and reporting.

Our Facility Requirement and Operations Information Database (FROID) tool captures key facility program data that supports corporate-level strategic goals in order to assess program status and health.

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