Healthcare Delivery Systems

Improving the delivery of healthcare through integrated, standards-based software systems: By integrating systems, software, and other IT products, CACI supports nationwide health initiatives to achieve better and more affordable care.

We develop and optimize IT systems to accelerate healthcare transformation and enhance the patient care experience by ensuring processes are efficient and cost-effective.

From the development of custom software applications to the seamless integration of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products for mobile, big data, telehealth, healthcare analytics, and secure cloud environments, CACI furnishes requirements-driven architecture, design, testing, implementation, and semantic services.

Our healthcare delivery support capabilities include:

Electronic Health Records Integration: CACI is accelerating interoperability between healthcare record systems through the design and integration of standards-based software systems that facilitate the sharing of electronic health records (EHR).

CACI stands out as the prime development contractor for the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER) initiative. We are helping to create a single, coherent lifetime electronic record for veterans using a data-centric approach.

Our healthcare IT professionals also support the Department of Defense and VA with joint EHR data exchange and interoperability as well as a number of other government programs that enable and enhance the sharing of patient information between government agencies and other stakeholders.

Case Management Application Development: CACI’s case management solutions give care coordinators the ability to integrate client tracking, reporting, care planning, and workflow. We help break down information silos by enabling collaboration and creation of integrated care plans.

Already deployed within the VA, the CACI CRM Care Management Solution provides a highly configurable common application for integrating and coordinating the care of wounded warriors. This solution enables the government to seamlessly share client information across programs in support of an integrated care model, while eliminating paper files and meeting all security and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), PII, PHI, FIPS, and FISMA requirements.

Health Data Exchange and Interoperability: CACI’s solutions are focused on eliminating the need for repetitive and costly maintenance of custom interfaces and significantly reducing the costs, time, and errors associated with integrating systems to synchronize their release.

One of the solutions we developed and support is a data access service for seamlessly sharing EHR and benefit information within and between federal agencies. This solution exchanges and synchronizes data between applications; stores data such as analytics for common use; and provides an integrated set of data services to store, update, delete, and read authoritative data from applications across the enterprise.

Clinical Application Development: CACI combines health IT and healthcare delivery expertise to provide an array of clinical application development services. Our approach to development is agile and standards-based and involves clinical champions to ensure timely delivery of the application for our customers.

For one federal agency, we are currently developing a chemotherapy order management system. This open-source solution provides five clinical modules and read/write interoperability with the agency's electronic health records. We are developing the system based on a national set of chemotherapy order templates, standardization of the calculation method for medication dosage and dose rounding, and standard documentation formats for chemotherapy treatment plans, administration, and summaries.

Health Analytics: CACI understands the importance of both the business and clinical potential of analytics in healthcare. Our solutions are designed to improve the patient care experience, increasing the health of the nation and reducing costs and improving readiness.

Our approach encompasses capturing appropriate data, understanding business processes, and using specific analytic tools to bring informed decision-making to our customers.

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CACI’s VLER initiative supports IT programs including:

Data Access Service (DAS): This common interface and set of services enables enterprise data exchange, synchronization, and integration to facilitate EHR sharing within and between the DoD, VA, and private facilities.

Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN): CACI supported this initial development effort leveraging a set of standards, services, and policies, which provides for secure EHR exchange across public and private health systems via the open-source CONNECT gateway.

Clinical Health Data Repository (CHDR): This joint interface accesses DoD and VA health data repositories to enable the exchange of outpatient pharmacy and medication allergy information that can be electronically edited.

Bidirectional Health Information Exchange (BHIE): This framework facilitates bidirectional health information sharing between the DoD and VA.

Memorial Affairs: These solutions increase process efficiency and access to veteran burial benefits information and automate the production of professionally printed letters.

CRM Care Management Solution: The Federal Case Management Tool (FCMT) helps consolidate customers’ receipt of care across services, and integrates and coordinates client reporting, care planning, and workflow for the care of wounded warriors utilizing a commercial-off-the-shelf, Customer Relationship Management (CRM)-based care management solution.

Identity Access Management: CACI prototyped these enterprise capabilities, which have been developed to help service providers manage individual identities, authentication, authorization, roles, privileges, and permissions across systems.

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