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Going Green
Going Green

Paperless Office Solutions

CACI's work in Enterprise IT and Business System solutions increases our clients' productivity and reduces paper through next-generation technology. An example is Wide Area Workflow (WAWF), an enterprise solution for electronic commerce that we developed and continue to enhance for the Department of Defense (DoD). By providing a web-based application for DoD vendors to create and transmit shipping notices and invoices, WAWF eliminates paper from the receipt/acceptance and invoicing processes in the DoD contracting lifecycle. It is used by virtually all DoD service branches and defense agencies, as well as nearly every company that does business with DoD.

We are also helping clients to go green through our Investigation & Litigation Support Solutions. Our web-based document management systems, including OMEGA, have greatly reduced our clients' need to print to paper. We help our ILS clients save paper in the following ways:

  • Deposition document sharing with multiple parties enables burning of potential exhibits to CD/DVD, eliminating the need for printing to tabbed binders
  • Hyperlinked motion and cited materials are also stored on CDs/DVDs, making them easier to navigate and eliminating the need to print motions and exhibits
  • Electronic exchange of trial exhibits

Additionally, CACI integrates paper-saving, energy-efficient equipment into our conversion pipeline. Examples include:

  • Book scanners that eliminate damage, waste, and duplication of efforts
  • Energy-efficient printers that reduce emissions
  • Electronic invoicing for clients and vendors and electronic reporting
  • Use of recycled paper towels, toilet paper, carpets, electric hand dryers, and other green options in all facilities
  • Recyclable packaging made from post consumer waste

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