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Going Green
Going Green

Efficiency-Efficient Solutions

Our CACI Cloud Services offering – a highly efficient, multi-tenant, unified cloud computing environment – drives heavy virtualization of computing workloads into fewer devices at higher utilization rates, resulting in energy savings and smaller carbon footprints for our customers. We also provide this offering to all of CACI's corporate organizations. The Cloud Services solution targets an 80 percent or greater hardware utilization rate, versus the 10 to 20 percent average hardware utilization in a traditional data center.

In 2004, CACI became the first company to virtualize a production environment for the Department of Defense. We consolidated three major data centers and many smaller centers into a significantly smaller environment, reducing the total number of servers required to just 15 percent of the original number while increasing utilization. We have also implemented virtualization solutions, in support of data center consolidation initiatives, for other federal organizations including the Defense Information Systems Agency, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, National Institutes of Health, and Naval Criminal Investigation Service.

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