Good character defines who we are, how we act, and what we believe is the right way to do business.

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CACI's Operational Philosophy

CACI's Operational Philosophy

1. Our Commitment ... National Priorities
America's missions are our missions. Since 1962, we have been driven by a company-wide commitment to support our country's highest priorities and to serve as a trusted national asset. As national missions evolve, CACI evolves with them. Ever vigilant, our people are ready to respond rapidly and efficiently with solutions that meet the challenges ahead.

2. Our Clients ... Number One
At CACI, the client is Number One! We are a client service-oriented company. We are in business to provide quality services and solutions to our clients. Their needs are our opportunities. Our goal is complete client satisfaction. Once we have a client, our goal is to keep that client forever.

3. Our Character ... Our Distinction
For CACI, our good character drives our decisions and guides our actions. For more than 50 years, our good character has been the CACI distinction that enables us to deliver world-class information solutions and services with honesty, integrity, commitment, and respect. Character defines us and builds our success.

4. Our Quality ... Top-Notch
At CACI, our motto is "Quality Client Service and Best Value" (QCS/BV). Our good name – our good character and reputation – is paramount. We strive always to be top-notch ... quality is everything. We are the best-value company. We perform valuable project services and provide quality solutions. In everything we do, our goal is quality, excellence and distinction.

5. Our People ... The Best
At CACI, people are the most important asset. Our people bring good character and distinction to all they do; they are the best. Our people are team players. They are flexible and can adapt quickly as business conditions and technology changes occur. They are fiercely proud of their company's remarkable legacy and their service to the nation. They are determined to succeed and refuse to fail.

6. Our Responsibilities ... Fully Accountable
At CACI, we take full responsibility for the conduct of our business. We stand up for the truth, value honesty and integrity, and are fully accountable for what we do. Our published Standards of Ethics and Business Conduct defines our uncompromising policies on compliance with the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which we conduct business. We reward legitimate success and forgive understandable failure (no one is perfect!) ... but always with a commitment to doing the right thing.

7. Our Operations ... Our Excellence
At CACI, operational excellence is our constant goal. We are always competitive. We use time and resources efficiently and effectively to benefit our clients. We are creative, finding innovative solutions to meet client needs. We apply advanced technology to increase client capabilities. We develop cost effective solutions to improve client services. We are problem solvers.

8. Our Value ... The Bottom Line
CACI remains dedicated to creating value for our clients, our shareholders, our employees and our communities. We serve clients with honesty, integrity, commitment, and respect. Our shareholders are assured of long-term value. Our employees enjoy equal opportunity for growth, recognition and reward. We are good corporate citizens who support and enhance the communities in which we do business. Value is the bottom line in everything we do.