Good character defines who we are, how we act, and what we believe is the right way to do business.

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CACI History

For More Than 50 Years, Providing Opportunity for Our People, Solutions for Our Clients and Return on Investment for Our Shareholders

Our company was founded in July of 1962 by two extraordinary individuals: the late Herb Karr, a practical and visionary businessman, and Harry Markowitz, a programming genius. These entrepreneurs took an unsupported public domain software language, realized it presented a promising business opportunity and created a company to train and support its users. In a very short time Herb and Harry went from doing business on a park bench to launching a successful venture in the nascent computer industry.

Over the years CACI continued to watch trends and identify the most promising technologies and markets. In the 1970s we pioneered easy-to-use database retrieval programs for the Commerce Department. Then we applied this technology to projects for the departments of Defense and Justice. This heads-up application, solution development and attention to client needs have enabled us to keep both organizations as preeminent sources of business to this day.

Following the trend lines, building on legacy expertise and delivering quality client service became hallmarks of our evolving CACI culture. And these ideals served us as well in the 1980s, when we encountered a dramatic change in the federal landscape. As new rules and regulations went into effect we had to retool our business to succeed in a now competitive environment. We adapted, survived and, thanks to our solid business philosophies and culture, continued to succeed.

In the '90s we really took off, changing from a professional services firm to an IT solutions provider. We recognized that IT was shifting from individual software applications to networks and enterprise-wide projects... and it was clear it would soon be a "network world."

Today, even in a period of economic uncertainty, CACI's fiscal performance remains outstanding. For fiscal year 2019 we announced revenues of $4.99 billion. We maintain an aggressive acquisition strategy – more than 60 acquisitions over the last 20 years – to augment our core competencies by adding talented new people and powerful new capabilities. CACI now fields a force of approximately 22,000 employees worldwide.

CACI takes great pride in our record of achievement. The secret of our success is no secret at all... our character-based culture effectively provides the foundation for our achievements. Hiring and rewarding good people, predicting and acting on technology trends, dealing openly and honestly with our clients and delivering the best products and services... these remain our focus, our strategy and our guide to success.

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