Good character defines who we are, how we act, and what we believe is the right way to do business.

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CACI's Commitment to Our Customers

For nearly half a century CACI's highest priority has been our customers. We are Ever Vigilant in meeting the needs of those who entrust us with their projects and processes.

Our information solutions and services help our clients:

  • Safeguard our national security
  • Support critical decision-making to counter global threats
  • Keep our Armed Forces informed, equipped, and mission-ready
  • Transform government to enhance the quality of services to our citizens
  • Modernize government to more efficiently meet national challenges

We attempt every day to sustain a corporate culture based on integrity, one that's focused on treating customers ethically and making their priorities, our priorities. The quality of our people, and the skills and dedication they bring to their work, defines our commitment to our customers.

To serve our customers at the highest possible levels we pride ourselves in finding and hiring people with the highest intellectual capital available, providing them with challenging opportunities and encouraging their innovation and initiative.

Our motto is "Quality Client Service and Best Value" (QCS/BV), because we strive always to be top notch, offering quality in everything we do and providing the best value for our clients. Only in this way can we fully meet our commitment to the nation and to our customers. Just look at our Operational Philosophy. At CACI the client is Number One!

In fact, at CACI success is only defined by customer success, which we measure through customer satisfaction. That's why we've developed Excellence+ as an independent assessment program that provides us with objective measurements of customer satisfaction. The information collected helps us improve our quality processes, identify and resolve problems quickly, and measure trends in our performance over time and against our competition.

With Excellence+ we have a benchmark for constantly improving on the highest quality customer care in our industry. CACI professionals are dedicated to close customer interaction to head off problems before they occur – and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Quite simply, at CACI our clients come first

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