SkyTracker® Technology Suite

SkyTracker® Solution

The Evolving Threat

Inadvertent or unlawful misuse of s-UAS poses an escalating threat to public safety. Reports characterizing the safety challenges posed by such misuse include s-UAS intruding into restricted airspace around high-value assets such as airports, buildings, critical national infrastructure, and stadiums, as well as hindering first responder activities. The frequency of such reports is increasing dramatically. A reliable solution must be advanced that ensures public safety while supporting the rights of responsible operators to fly these aircraft.

The CACI-Designed SkyTracker Solution

Nonintrusive Detection

SkyTracker's passive detection capability creates an electronic perimeter boundary around sensitive locations that is superior to geofencing. It provides continuous, automated monitoring, day or night, and operates in all weather conditions.

The modular system protects high-value assets in geographically compact locations surrounding government buildings, embassies, and stadiums, and is scalable to provide wide-area defense of airports, military bases, and areas under temporary flight bans such as locations experiencing forest fires.

Accurately Locates s-UAS and Their Operators

SkyTracker's s-UAS detection, identification, and tracking system uses s-UAS radio links to precisely identify and locate systems flying in banned or protected airspace. SkyTracker has the unique capability to locate the ground operators, enhancing responders' ability to only engage those operators who are inadvertently or unlawfully misusing their aircraft.

The CACI system triangulates the position of misused s-UAS for accurate geolocation and tracking, while differentiating them from other s-UAS in the same area. CACI's cutting-edge technology means the system continually adapts to evolving threats.

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