SkyTracker® Technology Suite

SkyTracker® Technology Suite

CACI is an industry leader in developing, deploying, and integrating sophisticated counter-unmanned aircraft systems (C-UAS) technologies and solutions. The SkyTracker® Technology Suite is a counter-small unmanned aircraft systems (C-sUAS) capability solution comprised of different form factors designed to exploit the radio communication between small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) and their controller. CACI provides fixed site, on-the-move, and small form factor C-sUAS technologies. Our integrated system-of-systems approach, combined with our precision mitigation techniques, provides solutions necessary to counter evolving threats and protect critical national security assets. Our SkyTracker Technology Suite includes:


The CORIAN system provides fixed facility protection against unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) threats to warfighters and critical infrastructure. CORIAN detects, identifies, tracks, and mitigates sUAS threats using precision neutralization techniques to ensure little to no collateral damage to the surrounding radio frequency (RF) spectrum and existing communications. CORIAN provides the largest detection and mitigation ranges and has many other unique capabilities that can be customized to fit a customer’s mission.


The AWAIR® system provides on-the-move force or facility protection against hostile sUAS. The ruggedized mobile platform leverages the CORIAN software baseline to precisely detect, identify, and mitigate sUAS threats. The system can be easily deployed on a vehicle or marine vessel, providing both ground and maritime convoy protection.

Small Form Factor

CACI’s man-packable advanced attack system can defeat small, complex UAS. This technology is the smallest man-packable advanced system with the longest detection and mitigation range currently available on the market. The system surveys the environment to enable deployed units to counter sUAS and analog video signals. The system can operate autonomously to deliver precision distributed attacks and provide rapid, responsive force protection capability in hostile environments.

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