Business Systems

Federal Solution Domain Expertise

Financial Management

We are a recognized leader in financial management enterprise solutions that enable the business of government at federal agencies. CACI has implemented and sustained complex financial management solutions for the Intelligence Community, the Department of Defense, and federal civilian agencies. Our extensive functional and technical capability across all aspects of financial solutions have enabled our customers to fully integrate complex federal financial solutions that optimize functionality and usability while reducing cost. Additionally, CACI is a leader in Financial Shared Services, supporting the deployment of Shared Services across Intelligence Community, the Department of Defense, and federal civilian agencies.

Human Resources Management

Our experience and support capabilities span the entire human capital lifecycle, from manpower planning to recruiting, accession, training, personnel and pay management, and retirement. Our experience integrating military service systems throughout the human capital process, as well as integrating those systems with financial/pay and logistics systems, provides us with a broad and unique understanding of human capital systems. Our work includes systems engineering, data integration, software development, training, deployment, and sustainment.

An example of CACI's innovation is in our work supporting the Navy's Personnel Pay Modernization program. We use an integrated approach to enterprise architecture development with discrete event simulation of as-is and what-if business process reengineering (BPR) models. Our integrated approach enables us to validate and quantify business process improvements for better decisions on driving the to-be business process plans. These simulation models also provide valuable communication of how the to-be processes will deliver improvements to the Navy, resulting in lower change management process risks. These BPR models and enterprise architecture models are also used by the Personnel Pay Modernization development program to drive better adoption and adaptation of a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), HR-based Integrated Personnel Pay System (IPPS).

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Asset and Supply Chain Management

CACI brings to customers seasoned supply chain management professionals with deep functional expertise in supply chain management (SCM), enterprise asset management (EAM), and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO). Our services and solutions are focused on improving end-to-end supply chain performance for mission critical assets. Our functional and technical experience allows us to efficiently maintain legacy systems as well as implement/develop and deploy on-premise or cloud-based solutions using an Agile DevOps approach for federal, national security, and defense agencies. As a leading system integrator, we continuously evaluate vendor products and delivery methods against customer requirements and legacy system capabilities to ensure we bring solutions that support current and future business requirements. This commitment and investment allows CACI to be a low-risk solution provider to our customers who require new solutions or a technology refresh.

Acquisition and Contracts Management

CACI provides integrated acquisition management solutions as part of a full procure-to-pay capability tailored to the federal acquisition environment. As a federal procurement system automation leader for over 20 years, we provide off-the-shelf procurement process management solutions, integration and application development, implementation, training, and consultancy services for the federal sector. Our acquisition consulting, software tools, product integration, deployment, and maintenance support services help to integrate and streamline the acquisition process, from sourcing through contract award to closeout. We fully understand the complexities of major acquisition programs and enforce sound acquisition principles through automated end-to-end procurement – bringing acquisition, financial, and logistics systems together seamlessly.

CACI developed, implemented, and supports Procurement Desktop – Defense (PD2), the cornerstone of the Department of Defense Standard Procurement System (SPS), with more than 27,000 contracting professionals across 700 locations around the world. Our ComprizonSuite acquisition solution has over 9,500 users across many federal agencies. In response to our customers' needs, we also partnered with Oracle to enhance their widely used E-Business Suite with additional federal capabilities, providing a robust ERP-based Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) for Public Sector solution.

Government Enterprise Business and Shared Services

CACI brings federal sector expertise, flexible multi-tenant technology platforms, and business services experience and best practices to support the delivery of government shared services across the Intelligence Community, the Department of Defense, and federal civilian agencies. In doing so, we combine our knowledge of federal business processes, policies, and guidelines with proven techniques for improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of business and contact center operations. CACI's operations employ multiple industry-recognized quality standards (CMMI-SVC, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 2000, and ISO 27001) to bolster our commitment to the highest levels of service and customer satisfaction.

As a member of the Partnership for Public Service Shared Services Roundtable and other industry associations, CACI collaborates with other industry and government leaders to improve, deepen, and expand the federal shared services marketplace and the value it delivers to our customers.

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Administrative and Departmental Management Systems

Increasing the effectiveness of an organization is not only about improving the productivity of its staff. It is also about increasing the speed at which the organization can implement new strategies and accommodate change driven by new missions and policies, better technologies, and improved business practices.

CACI administrative and departmental management solutions assist federal organizations to meet these challenges by combining custom solutions with COTS technologies to allocate, manage, and optimize the deployment of resources that support mission and back-office needs. We combine business process management, case management, knowledge management, and service level management tools with mobility, analytics, geospatial, and search technologies to provide agencies and their respective bureaus and departments with cost-effective solutions that meet their specific management needs in the face of shrinking budgets and expanding missions.

Business Transformation and Improvement

CACI provides government agencies with the tools and techniques to understand and express how they combine resources, competencies, business processes, and their environment to deliver value to business stakeholders and increase it over time.

We apply award-winning, industry-recognized approaches for strategic planning, enterprise architecture, and portfolio management to help agencies cut through the complexity of their ecosystem of business and mission systems, develop practical roadmaps for transformation and investment, and successfully manage, measure, and recalibrate their results over time.

CACI employs business process modeling and simulation techniques to understand and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of enterprise business processes and measure the quantifiable impact of potential improvements and innovations in the way they conduct business.

Each of these capabilities serves to enable clarity of purpose in what an organization does and clarity of action in what it will need to do differently to respond to strategic challenges and opportunities.

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Business System Development and Integration

CACI has extensive experience and expertise in overall systems engineering and integration for government. This includes complex custom system integration, the integration of COTS software within a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), and the integration of each of the major ERP solutions prominent in today's government enterprise, including Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, SAP, and CGI's Momentum. This combination is a powerful set of tools to increase productivity, improve the effectiveness of business processes, and cost-effectively measure results in ever-increasing levels of detail.

CACI combines Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI®) Level 3 software engineering practices with the requisite subject matter expertise, project management skills, and system integration capabilities to provide timely solutions that exceed requirements over the lifespan of the investment.

Key solution sets CACI provides within this area include:

Business Operations and Enterprise Support

CACI provides a full spectrum of support for our customers' business operations, from operating and maintaining hundreds of production systems to performing business process transaction processing and call center support activities.
CACI-managed contact centers and service desks manage 24x7 operations for over 1 million support customers worldwide through multiple channels of interaction. We securely and compliantly handle financial, grants, travel, and a variety of other transactions through managed business processes that we monitor, measure, and streamline on behalf of our customers.

CACI ensures service quality through the use of ITIL v3 processes that provide proactive issue management, customer transparency, and process visibility. Through the use of our deep business process domain knowledge, extensive use of automated tools and analytics, and continuous improvement processes, CACI reduces operational costs for our customers while allowing them to focus on the evolving needs of their agency's mission.

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